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Enterprise Class, Customized Non Standard Nutritional Baby Formula Calculator

The purpose of the NSF Calc (Non-Standard Nutritional Formula Calculator) is to calculate home-use and hospital-use Compounded Formula recipes for non-standard preparation of nutritional formulas. It accurately generates recipes for formulas at varying concentrations and/or formulas with caloric, electrolyte, protein, and fiber additives. The system converts the individual formula or additive composition information into hospital or household measurements based on the desired concentration. read more


    Prevent medical mistakes, provide better patient care, and promote preventative care. Reduces tedious errors from incorrect complex formula calculations. Since errors are reduced, liability is reduced

    Productivity - Save valuable time each week from manually doing tedious complex formula calculations prone to errors

      Barcoding Medication Imroves the Quality, Safety, Efficiency and Effectiveness

       Drive cost-savings efficiencies - Saves the expense of excess formula creation by creating an exact amount  read in detail about specific advantages


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About IT Health Care Partners, Inc.

NSF Calc provides Calculation of non-standard Baby Formulas for either Hospital and Home.

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